1. Blog Post 11.10.23 - Training

To make a blank page not blank it’s up to me to start typing. So here I go. I’m at one of those junctures in life and excited to put my all into this. I’ve looked through a camera my whole life. Got hooked when I won an honorable mention in a 7th grade art show at school for a “repeating pattern” assignment  - made a b/w image of my mom’s crystal glasses lined up in a cabinet. The image was a bit fuzzy but the print was good. After that image I was hooked. Then there was the first real portrait I had taken and printed it large. It was of my friend’s face - her eyes were huge almond shapes. That was 8th grade - the height of trying to figure social groups/friends and I already must have intuitively felt then that a camera could allow me that permission to stare. To be allowed to look directly at them. 

This image is of the same glasses just 40 years later. They’ve survived countless moves to different states and now they are are here in my cabinet. I like that I was making art about an artifact of a lifestyle, noticing the details. I’m lucky to be able to continue this work today.